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Article number: 6357Last updated: 22-12-2022

Cisco - Phone Extension Mobility – 7821-7841-7861 Model

Login to Extension Mobility

To log in to a Cisco Phone using Extension Mobility, follow the steps below.  IT Services will provide you with the necessary Primary Extension (internal extension number) and PIN.

1. Press the button on the phone next to the Extension Mobility option.

extension mobility button

2. Type in your Extension Number in the Primary-Extn box using the keypad.

3. Use the X button to delete any errors.

4. Press Down Arrow on the Scroll Button to move to the PIN.  Type in your PIN number using the keypad.

scroll button

5. Press the Submit button. The phone becomes associated with your extension number.

login screen

Log out of Extension Mobility

1. Press the button next to Extension Mobility.  The phone screen will display the message Log out <your name>?

2. Press Yes.  The phone will reset and return to the main screen.