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Article number: 20324Last updated: 04-07-2024

EMIS Web - Template Manager/Resource Publisher Trigger Viewer

Trigger Viewer is a quick way to identify what triggers are linked to which Protocols and/or Templates. Trigger Viewer can be found within either Template Manager or Resource Publisher (Emis version dependent).

Navigate to the EMIS Ball, Template Manager/Resource Publisher

Trigger 1

1. Click on Trigger Viewer on the ribbon:

2. From System Trigger select the appropriate trigger to view all the linked Templates and/or protocols.


Trigger 2

3. When selecting a trigger of Add a Code or Add a Drug, the Search browser will appear for the required code(s) or drug(s) to be entered: Once selected the linked Protocols/Templates (if any) will be revealed:

Trigger 3

4. In this screen shot a trigger of ‘Load Patient Record’ has been selected and reveals all the linked Protocols/Templates in alphabetical order:
5. To view further details, high-light the required Protocol/Template and select Goto…

Trigger 4

The Protocol/Template will now be in view for editing purposes if required.

Trigger 5

In the lower panel, the General tab will reveal details including Author and Organisation, i.e. Emis Library items are created by emis:
Practice generated items (locally created Protocols/Templates) will be recorded against the Practice name (Organisation).

Trigger 6

The Trigger tab also reveals the linked System Triggers:

Trigger 7