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This web site has been designed to work with the accessibility tools found within most modern browsers.  Please note these important tools:

To change text size in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, press Ctrl and the Plus (+) symbol or Ctrl and the minus (-) symbol.

If you have any questions about the accessibility of this site, please contact us.

Access keys and shortcuts

This website uses the UK government access keys standard for websites. Access keys are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to go directly to specific parts of this site. They're very useful for anyone who doesn't use a pointing device, such as a mouse.

The access keys are:

  • Alt + N - Skip to main navigation
  • Alt + S - Skip navigation
  • Alt + 0 - Accessibility
  • Alt + 1 - Home
  • Alt + 2 - Training Dates
  • Alt + 3 - Courses
  • Alt + 4 - Libraries
  • Alt + 5 - Microsoft 365
  • Alt + 6 - Aristotle Xi
  • Alt + 7 - Automation
  • Alt + 8 - Contact Us

The following browsers support access keys.

Google Chrome: hold down ALT and press the key.

Firefox hold down ALT and SHIFT keys and press the key.

Microsoft hold down ALT, press the key and then press ENTER.

Opera hold down SHIFT and ESC keys, press the key and then press ENTER.

Safari on Windows hold down ALT and press the key.

Macintosh users (incl. Safari): hold down CTRL and press the key.