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Article number: 18070Last updated: 25-11-2022

Emailing Med3 Fit Notes from Emis Web

Emailing (Med3) Fit Notes


From Emis Web v9.18.1, many different healthcare professionals are able to create and email MED3 fit notes directly from Emis through Outlook.

It is recommended that a generic email account (practice shared account) is set up with Outlook, so that patients cannot directly message / reply to healthcare professionals.

This can be arranged through the MLCSU Service Desk:

IT Service Desk - 0300 555 0212 


Please see note below on disabling notifications from Outlook, so that inbound emails to the practice generic account are not displayed momentarily on screen during consultations.



Emis Web v9.18.1 or later

Microsoft Outlook

Issuing Healthcare Professional to belong to one of the following roles in Emis:

Doctors Nurses Physiotherapists Occupational Therapist Pharmacist
General Medical Practitioner Community Mental Health Nurse Physiotherapist Occupational Therapist Pharmacist
Salaried General Practitioner Staff Nurse Physiotherapist Consultant Occupational Specialist Practitioner  
GP Registrar Enrolled Nurse Physiotherapist Specialist Practitioner Occupational Consultant  
Sessional GP Associate Practitioner – Nurse Physiotherapist Manager Occupational Therapist Team Manager  
Associate Practitioner - General Practitioner Nurse Consultant   Occupational Therapist Manager  
Consultant Community Nurse      
Specialist Registrar Specialist Nurse Practitioner      
Senior House Officer Sister/Charge Nurse      
Assistant GP Nurse Manager      
Locum GP        
Deputising Doctor        


Create from Consultation Mode

From within the consultation, click 'Add fit note' (1) and complete the fit note (2) as normal


Then click 'Send via Email'

Efitnotes1 1


New Email Window

The corresponding entry is entered into your consultation automatically (3).  

A New Outlook window appears with the email ready to send, including the fit note attached.

However, even where a patient's email address forms part of their record, this is not brought through to the pre-populated email. 

You can type this manually, or see below on how to copy this from the patient's record (4).


Please note: at this point, it should be checked that the sending email address is the practice generic address (highlighted in green on the screenshot below).


Copy email address

If you want to copy the patient's email address from their record, you can right-click on the patient precis bar, then select 'copy details'.


Tick the box to select email and press 'Copy to clipboard'


Then paste (CTRL+V or right-click, Paste) into the 'to' box in the email (4), above.

Please note: you will need to manually remove the preceding text 'e-mail: " from the copied text.


Change Outlook Notifications

NOTE: So that notifications of incoming emails do not appear on the Healthcare Professional's PC, some Outlook settings need changing:

Efitnotes5 Outlook

In Outlook, select 'File', 'Options', 'Mail', and then uncheck all notifications (highlighted above in red).