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Article number: 32687Last updated: 17-04-2024

EMIS-X: Clinical views - Medication

Clinical Views allows you to view a patient's Care Record data at a glance and provides important clinical information and decision support at the point of care.

Clinical Views shows a patient's medication data in a modern user interface, when using EMIS-X side-by-side with EMIS Web.

Access Medication

Medication can be opened from the Clinical Views menu. In order to view Medication in EMIS-X, you must have the relevant patient selected in EMIS Web.

1. Open Clinical Views from the EMIS-X menu.

2. Select Medication.

Image of Medication screen, showing current drug/dosage/qty, review date/ last issue and issue method, PFS indicator, search medication field

Medication in EMIS-X is designed to be used as a quick-reference view of a patient's medication. This can be especially beneficial if you're working through a patient's consultation, or Care Record, in EMIS Web. 

Current vs Past View

Within the Medication window you can toggle between a patient's Current and Past medications.

This will give you access to the following information:

Current Past
Drug Drug
Dosage Dosage
Quantity Quantity
Review Date Date stopped
Last issued date Reason for stopping
Issue method Last issued date
PFS visibility indicator PFS visibility indicator
Image of past drugs screen showing drug/dosage/qty, date stopped, reason, last issue date, search medication field, PFS indicator

Medication Options

You can adjust the way medications are grouped and sorted, for both Current and Past views.

1. Open Clinical Views > Medication from the EMIS-X menu.

2. Select the filter icon .

3. Select your preferred options.

4. Select Apply.

Image of current/past view options, group by prescription type or none, sort by name (a-z) or last issue date (newest first)

The default grouping for Current medications is by Prescription type and sorted by Name, within each group. Past medications are not grouped by default and sorted by Last issue date.

These default settings are different to those in EMIS Web so, when compared side-by-side, the order may not be the same.

Search Bar

You can type in any free text and a search will be carried-out on preparation, dosage and quantity text. This applies to all the medications within the active view.

Image of Search bar where by typing free text of preparation, dosage or quantity, will return any related medication.

Special characters cannot be used in search criteria (e.g. $ < >).

Search data will not be retained when you navigate away from the Medication screen.


The EMIS-X medication screen is still undergoing development, in this release, some prescription or patient context information may not be available. It is therefore recommended that for in-depth clinical review, such as during medication regime reviews, EMIS Web is used to support clinical decision making.

Supportive information and clinical scenarios may include:

  • Medication regime reviews.
  • Prescriber endorsements (e.g. 'private' or 'instalment prescribed').
  • Indicators (e.g. controlled drugs or non-DMD medication).
  • Prescription related (e.g. number of issues, end-date of a repeat medication or patient/pharmacy information).

Confidentiality policies

A padlock icon  is displayed if a confidentiality policy has been applied to an individual investigation.

If you can see the data and the padlock icon, this means you have access to the data. If you don't have access to the data, the icon and data will not be visible and you will be advised of the policy in the yellow banner at the top of the screen. 

Icon Key

Icon Description
A confidentiality policy has been applied to an investigation.
Online Visibility has been restricted for an investigation, so it is not visible to the patient in their online services.