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Article number: 8729Last updated: 09-10-2023

NHSmail - Changing Your Details And Security Questions

Sign in to NHSmail

Go to the NHSmail Website.

NHSmail Website Address

Click Login in the top right corner of the window, enter your email address and password.

Login to NHSmail

Sign in with your NHSmail email address and Password, click Sign in.

Sign In with your NHSmail account

The Microsoft box will be displayed, type in your NHSmail email address and click Next.

Microsoft Sign In Box

Type in your password in the next box and click Sign in.

Microsoft Enter Password Box

If you are prompted to Stay Signed in? always click No.

Microsoft Stay Signed In box

Open your Profile

Click Profile on the blue bar at the top of the window and select My Profile.

My Profile

Your profile page will be displayed.

Profile Page

You can enter your telephone number for example your office landline number.

Enter your mobile number which maybe your personal number, you can click the option to Hide mobile number from address book.

Including your mobile number is useful if you want to unlock your NHSmail email account.

Click Edit to change or add your Clinical Specialty, Roles and Work Area.  You can select the relevant options from the drop-down menu.

Click Save to confirm the changes.

View your Security Questions

Click Security Questions at the top of the window.

View Current Security Questions

The security questions are used if you need to reset your password on your account.  In the example above we are just viewing 1 of the 3 security questions.

Click the Reset Security Questions and Answers button at the bottom of the page to change your questions and answers.

The Authenticate User window will be displayed.  Enter the characters into the relevant boxes for your answers and click Submit.

Authenticate User

If you successfully enter the correct characters, a pop-up message will display in the top right corner of the window and green ticks will be displayed next to the letters.

Successful Authentication

The screen will change to allow you to enter 3 new security questions and answers.  Read the instructions at the top of the window to help you.

Create 3 New Security Questions

A green tick will be displayed for each question and answer that meet the criteria.  In the example above we are showing security question 1.

Complete all 3 questions and answers and click Save at the bottom of the window.

Save Button

A message will be displayed to confirm you will be logged off as your questions and answers are saved.  Click OK.

Confirmation Questions And Answers Will Be Saved

The sign out page will be displayed.  Click the blue Click here text to go back to the Email page or the Portal.

Sign Out Confirmation

Click the X on the Sign out tab or the X in the top right of the window.

Sign Out Tab On Browser Window

Additional Guidance

Please refer to the User & Video Guides or the Microsoft 365 page for on the MLCSU Academy for additional guidance.

Please contact the MLCSU IT Training Team if you need any further help.  Email: